Low Light Candles

“Low Light Candles” is a Candle brand I have created a brand and packaging design for. This product has a target market of adults aged from 25 to 40, with a particular target to women, this however could differ, being
dependant on the scent. The packaging shape is different to what is often seen within candles in the current market with packaging often being cubes, rectangular prisms or cylinders. The shape I have created is a hexagonal prism and is stackable on a shelf through the flat surfaces on each side, while still being unique.
The pattern I have used on this product is used to capture attention of the target market. Many other major candle brands such as Glass House or Peppermint Grove will often only use colours to distinguish different scents within their candle range and I wanted to create an element in my design that would allow Low Light Candles to stand
out from its competitors.

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