Antonia Designs – Concept

Antonia Designs – Initial Concept

This is an initial concept for the Antonia Designs brand. This Antonia Designs logo was created to represent myself and traits I wish to maintain throughout my design career. The crescent moon can mean many things to different people, to me it represents growth of new ideas before creating a final project and creativity. The flower illustrations are used to show a soft and calming presence. By making illustration a focal point of my logo, I am showing one of my favourite elements of design, illustration.
The use of a large san serif font for ‘Antonia’ acts as a focal point on me as the designer. The use of san serif font creates higher readability for the viewer. This contrasts with the word designs in the logo.
The colour orange is associated with creativity, which is a key aspect of my design style, particularly due to my illustrations. Further, orange represents energy and strength.

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